Documentary: The Deep Country: New Zealand visits the Whanganui River

This documentary was filmed during day 2 of the workshop, where participants travelled up the Whanganui River.

Locations filmed:
Paddle Steamer Waimarie, (Whanganui Riverboat Centre), Whanganui
Koriniti Marae Museum, Koriniti Marae, Whanganui River
Hiruharama Marae, Hiruharama (Jerusalem), Whanganui River
St Joseph’s church, Hiruharama (Jerusalem), Whanganui River
Te Wainui a Rua School, Ranana, Whanganui River
Koriniti Marae, Whanganui River

Filmed by Matthew Barry and Chris Barry-Goss on 17 November 2014. Edited by Bryson Rooney.