1. Photograph competition winner and runner-up from the journey up the Whanganui River.
  2. LocalNZ youth survey results (100 youths share their observations);
  3. A booklet outlining the participants’ observations and recommendations.
  4. A YouTube video of the Q&A session with speaker Richard Louv;
  5. A YouTube video of an interview with Karleen Marshall, principal of Te Wainui a Rua school on the Whanganui River;
  6. A documentary: The Deep Country: New Zealand visits the Whanganui River.
  7. A YouTube video of the participants’ presentations at Parliament.
  8. A series of blog posts outlining the process of the workshop.

In addition to those above, there are two other key outputs. During 2015 the group undertook a total of 350 hours of community work throughout the country as part of each participant’s agreement to spend 10 hours ‘paying it forward’. This work was done under the guidance of their sponsoring councillor (each councillor’s name is mentioned on the participants page). The other output, which is arguably the most important, is the young people themselves and what they might do, together or individually, going forward.